After DFU completed new firmware is running but advertised name of new firmware not updated.


The issue is that after a buttonless DFU is completed the new firmware runs as expected but the new advertised name doesn't change.

device name in firmware before DFU p27_5f0181cb63ff 

device name in firmware after DFU p28_5f0181cb63ff  however after DFU the device is still advertising as DFU p27_5f0181cb63ff

if I then connect to the device with nRF Connect view the services and disconnect then the advertised name is seen correctly as p28_5f0181cb63ff

I am using  nRF5_SDK_15.2.0_9412b96  and secure_bootloader_ble_s140_pca10056

It seems for some reason the DEVICE_NAME is not updated/fetched on completion of a secure DFU


Any pointers much appreciated