BLE not advertising on Custom board.

Good day,

I have a problem with a custom board I have designed. It does not advertise the BLE device when programmed. I am testing with the simple ble_blinky and the nrf_connect mobile app. I have designed multiple NRF52 custom boards in the past and they have worked flawlessly. The only difference in this new design is that I have added the 32.768 Khz crystal connected to XL1 and XL2. 

Here is the crystal I am using.

The usual 32 Mhz crystal has also been connected to XC1 and XC2.

In the SDK config, I have tried setting NRF_SDH_CLOCK_LF_SRC to 0 (which corresponds to NRF_CLOCK_LF_SRC_RC). I have also tried setting it to NRF_CLOCK_LF_SRC_XTAL and NRF_CLOCK_LF_SRC_SYNTH but no solution works.

Please what could be the problem, is there any special change I need to make when using the 32.768 crystal.

I am using SES and I think it flashes the softdevice on each upload.