Does BLE Pairing Using NFC support on nRF52840 (pa10056) ? 

I have followed up this example and compiled successfully but the NFC pairing is not working at all. 

I use my smartphone (Google Pixel 2) to touch the NFC antenna and nothing happened on the screen, even in the terminal. 

After that, I went to check whether the hardware of NFC functions works by running the example of the record txt NFC, which is working well.

Moreover, I read the guideline of example and it says "This example requires the following SoftDevice: S132"

So does that mean this functionality doesn't support S140 (nRF52840)? Or are there any necessary steps that should take up? 

I use Keli with SDK 16.0, CMSIS 4.5.0 and Pack 8.27.1 to compile them.

Thanks in advance.