How to use nRF9160

Hi everyone,

Im Nicolas, from Colombia. I want to develop an IoT product, using nRF9160, but don't want to use the DK (is too big for my application). I've been reading about the device, but haven't find anything on how to use the SoC only, how to connect it, how to program it. I have the idea to make a weareable, I have the idea but there is no design yet, I'm in the process to know the products I'm going to use and later I'll design one prototype.

Please, any help you can give me on this subject will be very well received.

Thank you very much!

  • Hi,


    The NRF9160-DK is the recommended development platform for your code, whether or not the target product is big or small. If you need a smaller prototyping platform you can have a look at thingy91, but that does not have a debugger so we recommend you get a DK anyway.

    Note though that there are physical constraints to how small it is feasible to make the product. Antenna performance degrades with the size of the PCB, and you need room for a battery that has enough capacity and that can support high enough load.


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