Problem with 'Clone the nRF Connect SDK' Step in the 'Getting Started Assistant' Phase

I'm currently working with the nRF9160 DK and received it fresh from the box probably around 2 weeks and I successfully activated the SIM card from the Nordic Cloud and eager to start programming onto it.

I'm currently based out of New Jersey, USA

I downloaded the nRF Connect Application for Mac (Currently working from a 2015 Macbook Pro) and began with the 'Getting Started Assistant'

Step 1: Install the Toolchain (Success)
- Successfully managed to install 'Homebrew' and "Download and install version 8-2019-q3-update of the GNU ARM Embedded toolchain to be able to cross-compile for ARM targets"

Step 2: Clone the nRF Connect (Having difficulty)
- I successfully performed, 'pip3 install west'
- I'm having difficulty with the second part which says, "Initialize west and clone the nRF Connect SDK manifest repository nrf:"
- I created a folder in /Users/'myname'/ncs
- cd /Users/'myname'/ncs
- west init -m
- However, after I run that command I receive, "FATAL ERROR: already initialized in /Users/'myname', aborting."
- Unfortunately, I cannot locate where this is currently initialized
- This is where I need the most help at this current stage of the setup.

Step 3: Download Segger Embedded Studio (Success)
- Successfully downloaded this application for coding

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I'm very eager to get this up and working. Thank you for your time in this.