Adapting the nrf52840 dk usbd_ble_uart example for the nrf5284 dongle


So simple question about adapting dev kit examples for the dongle. I'm trying to adapt this USB/BLE example and I've made all the changes that I figured I'd need to (e.g. disabling the logging, setting the preprocessor def to the 10059 ... well really just those two, I guess). I seem to be missing something fundamental though; since this is a BLE example (which I've successfully run on a dev kit), I figured it has a softdevice. When I go through the tutorial, I follow the 'with SoftDevice portion'.

Then I'm met with this beauty:


A few things jump out to me at first, 1) there's no soft device/bootloader in my hex! 2nd, the memory location for my code is also misaligned with where it should be! Is there an option I should be checking? Is there another hex I need to add? There are mentions of adding a softdevice hex, but I can't seem to find a precompiled one in my downloaded sdk (SDK5 v16). Please, nordic gurus, help me. I'm innocently ignorant.

Thank you,


  • Hi Ryan,  

    In SDK16, look in the component\softdevice  sub-directory   You will see all the Softdevices.  If you are using the nRF52840 for BTLE you will want to use the S140 softdevice.  \components\softdevice\s140\hex.

    Also, there is no programmer on the dongle.  It uses a bootloader.  If you erase it you will need to reprogram the part with the stock program. 

    Best regards,

    Jay Tyzzer