NFC and the CR95HF

Hello DevZone,

SDK 15.0.0. SD132 PCA10040

SPI settings : Mode 0, MSB first, 125kbps, orc = 0

I am trying to get NFC communication between two dev kits, one using the X-NUCLEO-NFC03A1 adapter and the other dev kit with the flex antenna.

I'm using the NDEF message example on the dev kit with the flex antenna. (nfc_writable_ndef_msg_pca10040) If I'm not mistaken this is configured to use the TYPE4-A tag configuration.

I did get a message whilst compiling the ndef_msg app that it was missing isodepmsg.c and nfc_t4t_lib.c. I don't know why these messages came but I was successful in building none the less.

I'm using the examples listed in the datasheet of the CR95HF to configure, read and write the tag but so far this is unsuccessful. page 67

I am able to configure the chip to use the right protocol and setup anti collision. When I perform a REQ-A command the datasheet lists that it should return : 80 05 0400 280000, but my tag returns 80 05 4400 280000. Now I do not know what this answer is as it is not properly listed in the datasheet and could possible be some information in the TYPE4-A tag.

I assume that the UID listed in the datasheet is obviously different from what the dev kit returns but I do not know for sure. Expected is 80 08 08192D A29E 280000, got 80 08 885FAF 91E9 280000

Until this point I semi get back what I expect from the chip while reading the datasheet, but the following commands result in timeout/unsupported tag.

ISO14443A_4 RATS/ATS (bit rate capability/FDT/CID usage)

ISO14443A_4 PPS (Protocol parameter data rate)

I tried skipping these commands and go straight for reading out the NDEF message but this also results in the error of timeout/unsupported tag.

I even tried to run the example of the TYPE2 tag but this also resulted in a lot of errors of timeouts/unsupported tag.

Now I have seen some other folks have a go with using a nrf dev kit in combination with this chip, but they didn't have the same problems as what I have at the moment.

Any help on what I'm doing wrong or mistakes that I'm making would help a lot 


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