Booloader remap


I need to remap ble bootloader because I want to use nrf52832_AB instead of nrf52832_AA found in dev kits. 

I wish I could have this memory mapping in embedded flash : 

0x00000000 - 0x00001000 MBR

0x00001000 - 0x00026000 softdevice

0x00026000 - 0x00036000 my app and app data

0x00036000 - 0x0003E000 booloader 

0x0003E000 - 0x0003F000 boot data

0x0003F000 - 0x00040000 mbr data

So I've set IROM start and IROM size to fair values in Keil at compilation time for bootloader and my app, but at execution time, when pushing a package in the device, the bootloader raise an error and the system in stuck, even after reboot. 

I've set 

in nrf_dfu_types.h

I think bootloader writes at a wrong address, but it's just a guess.

Edit 1 : Iv'e set NRF_DFU_APP_DATA_AREA_SIZE to 0 and the bootloader transfert process is going on, but the application never starts. The application has been validated on an AB and the whole process has been tested on a AA