FDS does not see bootloader when firmware is flashed with SES


I am working on a product based on an nRF52832 (SDK 15.3, S112 v6.1) with Secure Bootloader.

I am trying to enable the peer manager with bonding using the Flash Data Storage module.

When I flash bootloader, softdevice, firmware and bootloader settings through J-Link, everything works fine : The FDS modules detects the presence of the bootloader and uses the pages at address 0x76000 and 0x77000 to store the bonding data (I see the 0xdeacode tag word at the start of the pages).

The problem is when I flash my firmware using Segger Embedded Studio. Doing this, it seems the FDS does not see the bootloader and tried to read pages 0x7E000 and 0x7F000. Of courses, these pages are not FDS valid as they contain Bootloader code. I end up with my firmware crashing because the peer manager did not manage to start.

Any idea ?