Unable to update Jlink interface firmware on older nRF52832 development kit



V 0.9.0



I connected the above development kit to my PC today and was prompted to update the J-Link firmware ("Strongly encouraged"). Upon doing so, the board is no longer detected by my PC.

I have been using many other Nordic devkits without issue.

I have tried the steps in the following link: https://devzone.nordicsemi.com/f/nordic-q-a/24592/my-nrf52-nrf51-dk-kit-doesn-t-work

I can put the nRF52 DK into BOOTLOADER mode. When I try to drag and drop the J-Link interface binary into the BOOTLOADER drive, I get the following error:

It seems that the newer J-Link interface binary is too big for the flash of the older hardware?

I am attempting to use this J-link interface binary: https://www.nordicsemi.com/-/media/Software-and-other-downloads/Dev-Kits/nRF5x-DK-files/J-Link-OB-SAM3U128-V2-NordicSemi-170724.bin

Where can I download older J-Link interface firmware files? (I can't find them anywhere online).


  • For anyone that comes across this thread with the same issue, Nordic reached out to me via email and suggested I purchase the latest revision of the nRF52832 development board. I tested recovering with an older version of the J-Link firmware provided by Nordic and had the same issue mentioned above.