Regarding current time service


I tried testing Current time service example provided in examples of SDK 15.3.0.The things I have noticed were

1)From Apple mobile it is able to discover current time service after getting connect,paired and disconnected and in between the proccess I was able to see some error messages too.Can you please let me know reason for those error messages and how to rectify them and also please let me now the reason why it has to go through connecting,disconnecting and pairing several times before discovering services.The below attached is the log info while testing on Apple mobile

2)From Android mobile it was not discovering service even after connecting several times as done in Apple mobile.The below capture contains log messages while testing CTS with Android mobile.

Please let me know whether I have to delete any bond information?and every time it is advertising erase bonds is being used and I also tried deleting bond information on nRF connect mobile application too.