SPIM at 32MHz timing

Hello Nordic team,

I'm working on an nrf52840 with the SDK 15.3.0.

I'm using the SPIM instance 3 at 32MHz to interract with a Slave SPI which can support up to 40MHz.

When stressing the SPI access using easyDMA data transfer, I have some SPI errors, so I want to verify the SPI MISO/MOSI timings.

Timings on the nrf52840 datasheet seems to be given for a SPIM frequency of 8MHz.

Especially the value tSPI,VMO = 59ns which is almost 2 periods of 32MHz ! 

Can you give : tSPI,SUMI &  tSPI,HMI  & tSPI,VMO & tSPI,HMO values at 32MHz ?

If you have other explanation on this subject i'm looking forward to hearing it ! 

Thanks in advance,


Aloïs KYROU.