DFU on custom board, memory problem


Currently, I'm trying to flash my custom board that has nRF52832 with an uart application that I integrated buttonless DFU. I'm running into a problem where when I try to flash my hex file that has the following combination :

  • Softdevice
  • Bootloader
  • Application
  • Bootloader setting

I got the following error :

"ERROR: The file specified is not a valid hex file, has data outside valid areas"

"ERROR: or does not have data in valid areas."

From what I understand, it is an error on the memory side where my program might have passed its limit. But I don't know how to fix it. I'm not sure the type of model of my nRF52832, but on nRF Connect, it says that it is NRF52832_xxAB_REV1, Core RAM: 32KiB and Core ROM: 256KiB in pages of 4KiB. I'm using SES with SDK 16.0.0

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  • pca10040_s132_ble_debug_256k.zip

    Try this one. I did not change anything but the three things I mentioned in the previous reply. flash_placement.xml, build->memory segments, and linker->Section placement macros.

    In SES it is possible to attach the debugger if the .hex file is already flashed. Try to do this. To do so, try to use (toolbar->) Target -> Attach Debugger. If you do this, SES will not program anything.

    However, I suspect that you will run into some issues. Looking at the placement of the files, it looks like there is not enough RAM to run your application:

    The application uses 42.4kB RAM, and your nRF52 only has 32kB. This is the case for the previous (non _debug) project I sent as well. It uses 33.8kB (close, but still more than 32kB.

    It looks like the bootloader from SDK16 is too large for the 256/32 variant of the nRF52832.

    Perhaps you should consider moving to the 512/64 version?

    Alternatively, see if you can port the pca10040e bootloader project. It only uses 20kB of RAM, but you need to change it to using the S132 if that is what you are using.