Zigbee Coordinator and Bluetooth Central co-existence

I'm looking for the best option if I need ZB Coordinator role, and BLE central on my custom board. It is still in evaluation phase.

The ZB Coordinator should be able to handle max 50 direct children and max 200 devices within the whole network. It is the preferred functionality.

The BLE Central should be working parallel with the ZBC, with constant RX and occasional TX:

  • constant RX because it should be able capture advertising packets from nearby BT devices
  • occasionally (once/twice per hour) it will send L2CAP_ECHO_REQ to specific device(s) and receive L2CAP_ECHO_RSP. (It needs to be able to handle these kind of functionality!)
  • occasionally (random) it will communicate with BLE peripherials (reading/writing some characteristics): during this time once BLE is connected it shall be the preferred, but ZB network must not collapse!

I can use two fully separated SoCs with separated antennas. That would be the "brute-force" way. It might work as board design lets me keep good distance from those 2 antennas (at least lambda).

I know there are SoftDevices which provides BLE Central functionality, but can the Device act as a ZBC in parallel?

What do you recommend, if I prefer stability (vs cost/size-cutting)?

Thank you

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