BLE mesh app - Working as a normal node


I am using NRF52832 on SDK16 and Mesh 4.1.

When I use the NRF Mesh app to connect to a node, everything just works fine. Whenever I reset the device, the app and device no longer connect to each other. That means they can not communicate with each other through mesh. They just can communicate with each other after I enter the app to push the connect button.

As my knowledge, the app can act as a primary node in the mesh. Primary node's address is 0x0001.

Can I config the app to act as a node in the mesh network? This means the app can communicate with other nodes without connection.

Thank you.

  • Hi,

    Unfortunately, no you can't do this in the app. To be able to communicate with other nodes in the mesh network, the phone needs to be connected through a proxy link.

    Smart phones don't support the Bluetooth Mesh protocol as of now, so I don't think the phone can be provisioned as a node in the mesh network.

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