Having trouble receiving the data on nRF2401 Receiver

So I've been tinkering with nrf2401 module lately and trying to send data between the modules. PTX is set up on STM32 and PRX on RPI, and i'm sending from PTX to PRX.

I'm using an existing library on RPI, and using receiver.cpp (with minor changes in the code including setting payload size, disabling dynamic payload and ack payload)

Seems like I am able to send. the data from PTX but I don't see anything on PRX end. Could be configuration specific issue but nothing is standing out to me. Posting here if a third eye could catch it.

Following is the snapshot of the debug prints on PTX

  • the data to the left of the dotted lines is the data being transmitted including the address over MOSI and to the left is the stuff received over MISO. (the first byte received over MISO is always status register)

  • Auto ACK is disabled

  • Pipe 0 is used, and TX address = 0xabcdababcd (32 bytes = address width)

  • payload width = 1 byte

Note that in line where IRQ_HANDLER: is printed, MISO outputted 0x02e2e (status register has 0x2e) meaning TX_DS is set (Page 56 of the product spec)

Capture from PRX (RPI):