nRF mesh publish error 15 ( forbidden )

Dear all,

I have a critical problem about mesh network.

After running 2 days, some device in mesh network cannot publish message with error 15 ( forbidden ).

I tried to search in devzone, I found some people has the same problem with me.

I think iv index update produce or sequence number has problems.

But i only send 1 ping message per hour, and sometimes response keep alive message from gateways.

I cannot figure with that problems happen.

How can i recover device when publishcation forbidden occurs?

Thank you.

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  • In my mesh network, we have 60 mesh devices, but only 10 device was power on, 50 other device we will setup later after 1 week.
    I was use setting default TTL is 60 for all node.
    Does seq number increase in every relay message? May be TTL is too large.

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