Mesh flash manager demo nrf5_SDK_for_Mesh_v4.1.0_src

Hi, I want to store some personal data through flash in the LPN mesh routine. I read some posts and can be implemented by using flash manager, but I can't find the relevant demo in the  nrf5_SDK_for_Mesh_v4.1.0_src . Can you provide a demo example in the  nrf5_SDK_for_Mesh_v4.1.0_src version? on the other way,move fds to the mesh , ,fds_init ret=34314 not 0,not NRF_success ? hope your reply。

add fdserror

  • Hi,

    The flash manager in nRF5 SDK for Mesh is not the same as Flash Data Storage (FDS) from nRF5 SDK. Use of FDS is not recommended for nRF5 SDK for Mesh projects. This has to do with requirements for the Bluetooth mesh stack to operate well. There is some information in the Integrating Mesh into nRF5 SDK examples page of the nRF5 SDK for Mesh documentation on Infocenter, which is relevant if you need to combine nRF5 SDK for Mesh and nRF5 SDK functionality.

    Instead, for nRF5 SDK for Mesh projects, the recommendation is to use the Flash manager.


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