nrf52820 schematic - REG1 DC/DC Enabled LC filter and ANT L2 addition


I'm going over the nRF52820 chipset, and I'm not sure I completely understand the reference schematics in regards to the LC filters on the REG1 DCDC enabled option.

The documentation states that LC filter should be present on the DCC line when the DCDC is enabled, but the LC filter is not present when LDO is used. Naturally, the LC components are either soldered on not soldered on, and will not be removed if REG1 is configured as LDO. I assume they will not hinder the performance of the regulator when in LDO mode. Am I correct?

I also wanted to make sure that the DCC line is the one I understand it to be- line 39 on the reference circuit. This line already has 2 coils on it- L2 and L3, and capacitors C15 and C16. Are these the LC components required or do I need to add more on top of these? I ask because with the nRF52840, the coil was placed on the DCCH line, which was close to the VDD and VDDH pins. This line is not present in the nRF52820 schematic.

Lastly, I noticed a second coil was added to the ANT line (L2), which was not present in the nrf52840 schematics. I also noticed it is of the same scale as the one it is in sequence to (L1). What is the reason for this coil?