No output to Debug Terminal in ses

I have been running some of the examples and have noticed none of the logging ever works on the Debug Terminal.  I am using SES with Nordic SDK 17. When I run any of the SDK’s sample applications which use nRF_log, nothing outputs to the Debug terminal in SES or the JLINK RTT viewer.  The example I have been mainly working with is ESB - PTX. I’ve tried two different boards (BL654 from Laird) with multiple versions of Nordic SDK(15.2, 16, 17) and multiple versions of JLINK (6.70, 6.80a, 6.80b). 

I have the following config settings set.





I also tried using the nRF Connect SDK, and the debug terminal does work but uses the Zepher log library instead.  I have been trying to use the PDM examples from Thingy52 repo, which all use libraries from the Nordic SDK, making porting to NCS a major pain (unless there is an easier way to do this), so I would like to use Nordic SDK until I am able to get some proof of concepts working.

As a side note: It would be really helpful and much appreciated, to get some PDM sample programs for NCS using the NRFX library.