FDS driver issue


Hope you guys are well !!!

We are using below SDK's for our range of product:

1. 11.0.0

2. 13.0.0

3. 13.1.0

4. 14.1.0

5. 15.2.0

6 15.3.0

As I come to know that you guys fixed issue of FDS in SDK16.0.0.

nRF5 SDK v16.0.0
Release Date: October, 2019

*** Bug fixes

** Drivers and libraries **

- FDS: fixed two bugs where a power loss at very specific times during garbage
collection could corrupt the file system, making FDS unable to initialize and return
FDS_ERR_NO_PAGES on initialization.
- FDS: fixed a bug that prevented using the last word of a flash page to save a record.

How can we fix this issue in above mention SDK we are using?

Do we have guide line to fix issue?


Nirav Patel