SetPRN command

Some prerequisite info:

  • We are using nrf52840 boards as our peripherals
  • We are using v16.0.0 SDK
  • We are using the s113 SoftDevice, more specifically s113_nrf52_7.0.1_softdevice.
  • Since our central code is written in .NET Core, we use Windows.Devices.Bluetooth to take care of the PC side of the bluetooth.

Now onto my question:
Our peripherals are now Secure Buttonless DFU (without bonds) ready, and we can successfully do the DFU OTA process with .NET CORE code that I have written with the help of this link. The code follows the infographics in the link, and through events raised by listening to the notifications of the DFU control point, we successfully utilize the DFU protocol.

Our DFU is currently functional by our tests, and given a device that is caught post bootloader (as DFUTarg with the incremented address), we almost always succeed the DFU process without glitches.

According to other DFU implementations we have found online, there is an additional SetPRN command that is not existent in the Infographic of the protocol in the link. 

When I searched the devzone for it, I found a post (that I am unable to find now, sorry :( ) where someone had a similiar query about this command, and what I understood from the answers on that post is that the command is non-critical for new SDKs via the bootloader.

Is this hypothesis correct? If I do not utilize the set prn command in my DFU protocol, will I run into problems in the future?

Many thanks!