Can I implement pairing with LESC enabled in nRF52810; SDK 15.2.0 v6.1.0 S112 ?

I’m using nRF52810 on a custom board (for our own application) using SDK 15.2.0 v6.1.0 S112. Given the amount of memory this chip has (192/24 KB) is it possible to implement pairing using LESC ?
The SoftDevice occupies 100KB of flash(0x00000-0x19000) and around 15KB of RAM(0x2000 0000 - 0x2000 3D00). Out of 92KB of remaining flash memory, my current application uses around 42.4KB and RAM uses ~6.6 KB out of the remaining ~9 KB of RAM. (picture attached-i)
I want to implement pairing in the current firmware and hence include all relevant files and modify the code.
My question is, is it possible to implement pairing (with LESC enabled) in this chip given the memory constraints and the amount of memory our application takes up ? Right now after including all the relevant files I'm getting linker errors for running out of memory (picture attached-ii, here I've stretched the Flash to it's maximum limits hence no memory error there).
Can you please help me out to either optimize memory or let me know where I can improve to achieve pairing using LESC ? ( IDE: IAR EWARM 8.32)

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