My device was designed with SDK 15.0, the APP_ADV_DURATION is set to 0 in order to have the device in advertising for all time.

Now I try to use the SDK 15.3 but when I change the APP_ADV_DURATION from 18000 to 0 I have an error 7 on this call:

       ret = sd_ble_gap_adv_set_configure(&p_advertising->adv_handle, p_advertising->p_adv_data, &p_advertising->adv_params);

what's different between 15.0 and 15.3 on this ?

How is possible to have never ending advertising  on 15.3 ?


  • Hi,

    Please make sure you are using BLE_GAP_ADV_FLAGS_LE_ONLY_GENERAL_DISC_MODE and not the BLE_GAP_ADV_FLAGS_LE_ONLY_LIMITED_DISC_MODE flag in your advertising_init() routine. With the limited discovery flag, you are only allowed to advertise for a maximum of 180 seconds according to the BT specification. The Softdevice enforces this requirement, and that's why you may get the invalid param error when you disable the timeout.

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