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ANT+ Softdevice integration into ANT+ example projects for nRF5 SDK 17.0.0

After a lot of stumbling around (the documentation for the ANT+ examples needs to be improved) I finally got some of the ANT+ examples working on my nRF52 DK board. When programmed as a transmitter I can pair it with the Garmin VIRB cameras that I have and display the boards transmitted data on the cameras and when programmed as a receiver I can pair the board with a Garmin Vivosmart 3 and output transmitted HRM data from the Vivosmart over UART. To program the board with the ANT+ softdevice I am using nRF Connect for Desktop, Programming module, Erase & Write option with the softdevice hex file obtained from the zip file from "". I then use the "Build and run" option in the Segger Embedded Studio IDE to program the ANT+ example projects from the SDK.

Is there somewhere in the project directory that I can copy the softdevice hex file to have it loaded by the SES IDE so that I don't have to do this as a separate step?

For those interested in getting these examples to work with an actual device such as the Garmin devices that I have used, and for my own sake, I wrote up the following brief instructions:

nRF5 SDK 17.0.0 ANT+ programming:

1) Log onto “” and register as an ANT Adopter to gain access to network keys

1a) Obtain ANT Softdevice zip files from (search for nrf52 softdevice)

1b) Obtain network keys (search for network key)

2) Add network keys to \nRF5_SDK_17.0.0_9d13099\components\ant\ant_key_manager\config\ant_key_manager_config.h file (i.e. replace 0,0,0…. With valid key)

3) Unzip ANT Softdevice file

3a) Copy all header files and nrf52 folder (from ANT zip file) to \nRF5_SDK_17.0.0_9d13099\components\softdevice\s212\headers

3b) Program ANT softdevice *.hex file (from ANT zip file) to device (use nRF Connect for Desktop, Programmer module, Erase & Write option).

4) Open ANT+ example project in Segger Embedded Studio IDE

4a) Uncomment the evaluation license, ANT_LICENSE_KEY, in file “nrf_sdm.h”, located in /S212/headers folder.

4b) Build and run

5) Test “ant_hrm_tx_pca10040_s212”  transmitter project with Garmin VIRB 360 add sensor option

                5a) Open a UART terminal to see data being sent by board.

                5b) VIRB 360 will show data being received once it’s connected.

6) Test “ant_hrm_rx_pca10040_s212”  receiver project with Vivosmart 3 heart rate monitor transmit option

                6a) Need to open UART terminal to see the data being received from Vivosmart 3.