Hardfault on Parallel BLE Scanning and Advertising on NRF52832 with fds storage | sdk15.2

Hello Everyone,

I am using my custom board with nrf52832 SoC and developing my application firmware with sdk15.2 & softdevice v6.1.0.

In my application code, BLE scanning and Advertising both are working parallely. I am using fds storage to store BLE advertising parameter's like tx power, manufacturer specific data, interval, etc. 

At any condition if nrf resets then this parameters are read in main task and advertising starts again. fds write operation is done only when need to change parameters. 

nrf is also communication with other MCU over UART to send scan data to other MCU and advertising parameters are set by sending command to nrf.

As I am testing my device, It is observed that there is hardfault in nrf52 where nrf does not advertise anymore and also no response to other MCU over UART until we give power cycle to it.( power OFF and ON).

Can you please help me to identify the issue?