Board is not defined error with custom PCB

I am currently working on custom firmware hosted by the nrf52832 SoC on a custom PCB. The project is built with a makefile and armgcc, using the "nRF5_SDK_15.0.0_a53641a". When building the .hex file of my firmware i receive a an error from the boards.c file in the sdk....."boards is not defined". I would like to know how to fix the error and build my .hex file. 

  • If you look at the contents of boards.h you'll see that there are a number of pre-defined boards that have corresponding headers that define various pins for your board. If you are using any of the functions in boards.c then you should probably define a custom board for use in your project. Otherwise, you can probably just remove boards.c from your makefile and not worry about it.