Hi Nordic support,

We had an "intermittent" connection failure with a BLE radio in one of our products under development, which exhibited itself with an <unknown> device name in the pop-up menu after clicking on the Connect button for the device - it was always found with the expected device name (ORC_CHRG) in the nRF Connect app Discovered Devices scan list.

The BLE radio worked perfectly fine for well over a month, but failed for ~ 24 hours a few days ago (on 7/29).  Then, late in the afternoon of 7/30, it started working properly again.  We're not sure if the problem is due to an intermittent hardware issue in our design, some sort of intermittent bug in our firmware execution, a bug/nuance in your nRF Connect app, or some negative interaction with the Windows 10 OS. 

We're using the latest version of nRF Connect (3.4.1) on a Windows 10 laptop pc (Windows 10 Enterprise, 64 bit, Version1709, OS Build 16299.1992).  We're using a Nordic dongle (nRF52840-dongle) via a USB connection on the pc side of the BLE communication link.

For a short fraction of a second (I think even less that 0.1 seconds) I can see that the pop-up menu will display the name <unknown> for the BLE device being Connected, before it quickly changes to the proper name which was listed in the Discovered Devices list.  I'm not sure if this is related to the malfunction that we observed a few days ago, or not.

Can you provide any guidance for what might have caused our BLE radio's intermittent behavior?  We're not sure if it is a "serious" issue that we should investigate further, or if it was caused by some strange sort of short-term interaction between the BLE device(s), the nRF Connect app, and the Windows laptop pc.

Thanks very much for your support on this inquiry!

Best regards,

Steve Boor
Abbott Neuromodulation
Plano, TX