How to enable AES-128 Encryption engine in nrf52832 soc

Hi Team,

We are using the nrf52830 SOC for our application. In data sheet mentioned that it supports AES-128 bit Hardware engines (ECB,CCM, AAR). How to enable and use these engines without using the soft libraries like "mbed TLS " and "Optiga".

1. suppose we are using the "mbed TLS " soft library for crypto functionality, how this will in turn uses the AES-128 HW engine from SOC. Similar way for RNG and SHA-256 functionalities as well.

2. How enable and Disable the EasyDMA Driver to AES Engines.

3. For Soft crypto Libraries how to map these HW engines like AES HW, SHA-256 ,RNG and EasyDMA peripherals.If we enable the any crypto mode automatically it will take HW peripherals or only uses soft lib code only.

Eg: HW AES-128 Reg details

Base address                  Peripheral                 Instance                   Description                                                           Configuration
0x4000E000                   ECB                            ECB                        AES electronic code book (ECB) mode