NRF BLE data log app


Can anyone tell me that isthere any app which logs data automatically into txt or csv file from nrf52???

I am getting data at nrf connect but every time i need to save it in file from app but i want it to save automatically in given file in which i save first tym???

  • Hi,

    I can add it as a feature request. Maybe you can elaborate if you are using nRF connect for desktop and/or if you for instance could output the debug information you want to UART directly (you can for instance setup terminal window to write to log files). Just want to understand what log information you are looking for.

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  • i have my custom nrf42 wearable board and i am collcting some data from a user whi is wearing it as a band i want that the data should be logged in txt file in his mobile automatically without pressing button for log. currently nrf connect shows data of sensor but if i want to save that data i havd to go to menu and click on save but i want if any data comes it goes into a text file which in which i started saving my data for the first time.

    The feature shod be like this  i click on save or log data it asks me the the file name and where to save which it is currently doing but aftr that it append all othr data in that file until and unless any one changes the file.????