How can IOS-DFU-Library V4.8.0 work with the SDK11 workaround "delete dfu_app_peer_data_set in application of firmware"?

Hi Support Team,

For the recent DFU issue "some Android 10 can not connect to the device during the DFU" (,

I've done a workaround "delete dfu_app_peer_data_set in application of firmware" since our product is SDK11 and Single-Bank (can not update bootloader), as Nordic suggested.

Then our product can work well with the Android.

Though I found it can not work with the latest IOS-DFU-Library V4.8.0, which can be replicated easily by Nordic product without our device:

app: the example app in "" V4.80;

device: "PCA10040 V1.1.0" with "dfu_dual_bank_ble_s132_pca10040.hex" and "\SDK11\examples\ble_peripheral\ble_app_hrs\pca10040\s132_with_dfu\arm4".

When I delete dfu_app_peer_data_set, the example app will report an error "Error 201: Device failed to connect".

Can IOS-DFU-Library V4.8.0 work with firmware no matter it deletes dfu_app_peer_data_set or not?

FYI: it seems that the latest Android DFU library will try to scan the DFU device by both "+1 address" and "not +1", so it can work well with firmware with/without dfu_app_peer_data_set. This is compatiable and elegant, which is what we need.