app_gpiote_user_disable not working?


I'm looking at interrupts from three different GPIO-pins. I'm setting it up like this:

static void gpiote_init(void)
uint32_t pins_low_to_high_mask = INTERRUPT_1 | INTERRUPT_2 | INTERRUPT_3;
uint32_t pins_high_to_low_mask = 0;
uint32_t err_code;

err_code = app_gpiote_user_register(&id, pins_low_to_high_mask, pins_high_to_low_mask, IRQ_evt_handler);

I would like to be able to enable and disable interrupts by bluetooth. However as it is right now, my interrupt handler is always fired when my pins go from low to high. Even though I use app_gpiote_user_disable. Is there a known bug with this function or am I using it wrong?