Time Sync with millisecond accuracy with NRF52840 Dongle by combining USB CDC ACM Radio Tx and Rx

Hello Everyone,

I recently started using NRF52840 dongle, I am trying to combine USB CDC ACM with Radio TX and RX examples. Individually the codes the running without any problem. When I tried combining both I can't see the COM Port. I want to read the received data through the COM port. Once I achieve this, I want to sync all the dongles with millisecond accuracy. I have found Time sync demo in GitHub which is compatible for nrf52 devices, I want to implement the same for nrf52840 dongles.

It will be helpful If anyone can guide me in the right direction as I am completely new to this. Kindly Please Help me.

Thank You.

  • Hi 

    Do you mean the receiver and transmitter examples in the examples/peripheral/radio folder, combined with USB CDC ACM?

    I wouldn't recommend using these examples for any serious work, as it is a very simple radio implementation that doesn't leverage the ability to run the radio in the background while the CPU is busy with other things. 

    If you just want do to proprietary communication I would suggest using the nrf_esb library instead. 

    The time sync demo assumes that you are running a SoftDevice, which is why it is using the timeslot API. If you don't need the SoftDevice then this is not needed, but you can still copy the parts of the code related to sending the time sync beacon. 

    Best regards