nrf5340 pdk v1.4.0 mesh provisioner example remains in bt_enable forever

The problem I meet similar to

/* Wait til nameservice ep is setup */
k_sem_take(&ready_sem, K_FOREVER);

It is name-service not setup success cause this problem?

  • Hi,

    Can you give me more details about your issue?

    What have you done so far? Have you made any modifications to the example?

    Do you have any logs?

  • Hi Mttrinh:

    I will meet this problem if I choose any example has Bluetooth bt_enable().

    I do nothing change after open nrf-sdk-project, just build-and-run.

    I'm new developing with nordic, could you tell me how to print more necessary log you need?

    Thank you Mttrinh.

  • Hi, 

    To print out logs you need to add "CONFIG_SERIAL=y" to prj.conf

  • [00:00:00.255,737] <dbg> os.k_sched_unlock: scheduler unlocked (0x200010c8:0)
    --- 15 messages dropped ---
    mp Initializing...
    [00:00:00.255,767] <dbg> bt_settings.bt_settings_init:
    [00:00:00.255,950] <dbg> os.z_impl_k_mutex_lock: 0x200010c8 took mutex 0x200012ac, count: 1, orig prio: 0
    [00:00:00.257,873] <dbg> os.z_impl_k_mutex_unlock: mutex 0x200012ac lock_count: 1
    [00:00:00.257,904] <dbg> os.z_impl_k_mutex_unlock: new owner of mutex 0x200012ac: 0x00000000 (prio: -1000)
    [00:00:00.257,904] <dbg> os.k_sched_unlock: scheduler unlocked (0x200010c8:0)
    [00:00:00.257,934] <inf> fs_nvs: 2 Sectors of 4096 bytes
    [00:00:00.257,934] <inf> fs_nvs: alloc wra: 0, ff0
    [00:00:00.257,934] <inf> fs_nvs: data wra: 0, 8
    [00:00:00.257,965] <dbg> settings.settings_nvs_backend_init: Initialized
    [00:00:00.257,965] <dbg> os.setup_thread_stack: stack 0x20004510 for thread 0x20000c30: obj_size=1024 buf_start=0x20004510 buf_size 1024 stack_ptr=0x20004910
    [00:00:00.257,995] <dbg> bt_hci_core.hci_tx_thread: Started
    [00:00:00.257,995] <dbg> bt_hci_core.hci_tx_thread: Calling k_poll with 1 events
    [00:00:00.258,026] <dbg> os.setup_thread_stack: stack 0x20003d10 for thread 0x20000bb0: obj_size=2048 buf_start=0x20003d10 buf_size 2048 stack_ptr=0x20004510
    [00:00:00.258,056] <dbg> bt_hci_core.hci_rx_thread: started
    [00:00:00.258,056] <dbg> bt_hci_core.hci_rx_thread: calling fifo_get_wait
    [00:00:00.258,087] <dbg> net_buf.net_buf_get_debug: (0x20000bb0) hci_rx_thread():6502: fifo 0x20000134
    [00:00:00.258,117] <dbg> os.setup_thread_stack: stack 0x200038c0 for thread 0x20000b30: obj_size=1104 buf_start=0x200038c0 buf_size 1104 stack_ptr=0x20003d10
    [00:00:00.258,148] <dbg> bt_hci_driver.bt_rpmsg_open: 
    [00:00:00.258,178] <dbg> os.setup_thread_stack: stack 0x200034c0 for thread 0x20000a80: obj_size=1024 buf_start=0x200034c0 buf_size 1024 stack_ptr=0x200038c0

  • Ok, I found the reason.

    There must be overwrite the cpu net core,  If hci_rpmsg not in cpu_net, this problem will happen.

    So the write the hci_rpmsg to cpu_net core, can solve this problem.

    This not mention in develop guideline, Hope this can help anyone who meet the same.