UART over standard drive, low frequency I/O only GPIO pins

On a nRF52833 on a custom PCB, due to space and allocation limitations, I need to run UART Rx and UART Tx over GPIO pins that are limited to standard drive, low frequency only. On the QFN40 package, the pins under consideration would be P0.03, P0.02, P0.28, P0.29, P0.30.

In this configuration, I have the following questions:

  1. To adhere to the low frequency requirement, I was planning to use baud rate of 9600 at max. Will that satisfy the < 10kHz requirement?
  2. Is there an impact to RF performance when there is simultaneous RF & UART communication when (1) is satisfied?
  3. For FCC compliance testing, would the Upper tester (as referenced here  support 9600 bps?
  4. Would standard drive be sufficient to communicate with the tester in (3)?

Thank you for your help,