Port pc-ble-driver application for nrf52840 dongle to run on the dongle

If this has an answer, I did not look as one loses position if one checks.

IN any case, I have a working application running on the PC that uses the pc-ble-driver to access the sd_* methods on the nrf52840 dongle. I would like to port this application to run directly on the dongle. I do not want to use the BTLE nrf_SDK  but only the sd_* methods. This is necessary as I am using BTLE profiles that are in the standardization process and do not yet exist. In fact the new profile uses none of the currently existing BT SIG profiles and services (except the two required one). So there is no support for them.

In addition direct calls to the gatt and gap methods are much simpler. However, the more difficult part is all the spin up code and methods needed to 'boot' up dongle.

I am looking at a segger example project for the health thermometer which I could modify to implement this GHS (generic health system) service. It uses only one service and two characteristics and bonding is optionally supported. As stated I already have code for all of this running on the PC using sd_* calls.

Would it be possible to port this code to install directly on the dongle?

I should add that I have an nrf51288 DK which I could use as an SWD debugger.

I have looked at the tutorial. The important thing here is not using the BTLE nrfSDK APIs but direct calls into softdevice.

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