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How to Downgrade Power Profiler Application

I found a couple of threads that the Windows version of the Power Profiler App in nrfConnect is broken, which it is also for me. It used to work in the past and I also like the old user interface better.

How do I downgrade?

  • Hi,

    Download the previous versions here

    Open the folder where you have the application. for me it is C:\Users\Jonathan\.nrfconnect-apps\node_modules  

    In the pc-nrfconnect-ppk delete everything except dist folder. 

    Extract the contents of the previous version in the pc-nrfconnect-ppk folder.

    Re launce the nrf Connect for Desktop app an launce the PPK app as usual, (dont click the update button)

    I only tested version v3.0.0 but should work for older Versions also, newest is v3.0.3


  • That does not quite seem to be working. With the newest version nrfConnect it shows the Power Profiler app as the old version (I tried 2.3.1 and 2.3.0) but from the user interface and the bug that prevents it from working it still appears to be the new version. When I also downgrade nrfConnect to version 2.6.0. I cannot start (the old version of) the Power Profiler app because it complains about the missing module pc-nrfconnect-shared.
    I tried installing the dependency and re-installing the Power Profiler app with node's npm using npm pack and npm install from the .tar.gz file, but then the Power Profiler app still doesn't want to start, complaining that module pc-nrfconnect-ppk was not found, even though it is in the node_modules directory.

  • Tested with 2.2.0

    seems to be working. I do not however have a PPK at hand to test right now. 

    Video of me reverting the process, same procedure. 

    What version do you want ?

  • Don't know exactly what I did. Uninstalled and reinstalled a bunch of times and attempted to downgrade the version. It's working now.

  • Nice to see that it works, if you come across any other problems feel free to update.