Cannot program nRF52840 Dongle with nRF Connect SDK HEX files

Hi there,

I recently purchased some nRF52840 Dongles for evaluation.

I installed the nRF Connect SDK v1.4.1 and attempted to build a few of the sample projects using the SES(Nordic Edition) v.5.10b and v5.30a, targeting the nRF52840. I was able to successfully compile and build some of the sample projects, for example the Zigbee light_switch project, other's won't build at all.

I then tried to use the nRF Programmer to flash the dongle but there appears to be something wrong with the hex file(I suspect the address ranges aren't correct) and i cannot write the image. The only option available is to reset the device.


I have seen others having similar issues and have tried some of the options given but no luck. For instance when using the SES Nordic edition i do not have any linker or pre-compiler options available in the Project Options.


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