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Hi, I'm developing a wearable fitness device. The device collects accelerometer-gyro data and sends it to the mobile application. Initial developments are good, I created my own services and can successfully communicate. Now I want to collect live data stream from two such devices parallelly. The idea is to capture both hand gestures using two wireless devices. I tried BLE mesh, but the mesh does not support a high data rate. I'm confused, I don't know which protocol to use. I'm new to BLE, please help me to figure it out. 

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    I need both devices to communicate each other.


    BLE peripherals can't communicate peer-to-peer.

    So they'll either have to communicate via the Central, or one will have to be a Central…

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  • Exactly. Also I need both devices to communicate each other. I want both devices advertised as one device. And button event in one device should affect both devices. For example, consider a wireless earbuds. They advertise as one device, button control in one device influence both earbuds. In my case instead of streaming to two earbuds, i want to collect stream of data from two devices. Thank you.