nRF9160 reset issue


We have developing a IoT board based on nRF9160 and faced some strange issue.

We have realized the reset schematic of nRF9160 in this way

The nRESET pin is pulled-up by 10kOhm which has been changed to 1kOhm and for both cases we have 2.2V on nRESET pin. The other end of this pin connected to GPIO of nRF52832. The GPIO configured as output and programmatically set to HIGH.

When we are connecting the board to nRF9160-DK for programming nRF9160 on our board the SDK can't detect nRF9160 and program. When we are connecting nRESET directly to 3.3V nRF9160-DK can detect and program without any issue.

I tried to measure the voltage for the same pin of nRF9160 on nRF9160-DK and the voltage there also was 2.2V but we can detect and program built-in nRF9160 on DK.

We tried to disconnect nRESET pin from nRF52832 but there were no any changes neither voltage level on nRESET pin nor on operation.

I tried to measure current, going from nRESET to 3.3V during dirrect connection and it was around 13mA, which I thing too much.

The nRF9160 full part number is nRF9160-SICA-B0,  1920AL

Does anyone had a similar issue?