nRF52832 Public MAC address shows FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF


I'm using a nRF52832 chip and attempting to broadcast a public MAC address through the application. I'm observing that the device broadcasts MAC Address FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF instead of the programmed MAC address. Observing this behavior after erasing the chip and programming the softdevice and application through nRF52 DK and nRFgo Studio.

A point to note is that any other device in which the application is upgraded through DFU (rather than erasing the softdevice and application and then upgrading through the nRF52 DK) is able to correctly broadcast it's programmed MAC address.

Using SDK 12.2 and SoftDevice S132 V3.0

  • Can you remove the nRFgo studio from the tool chain and switch to nrfjprog or nRF Connect Desktop  to erase the IC and program the softdevice, bootloader and application. The nRFgo studio should not be used for nRF5x development. Your statement that a DFU of the application works fine seems to point towards a toolchain issue on programming the IC.