Unusual tick shown on power profiler


Recently we have noticed that some of our devices has been reporting strange fulgurations on their reported battery level. This is a graph over 24 hours:

When inspecting the problematic devices, their batteries are at full capacity and their average power usage is the same as a well-functioning device, however the power profile shows a intermittent tick every 2.25s on all the affected devices when this battery issue is present. This tick is not there all the time, it shows up at random intervals and power-cycling the device relieves the problems for a few hours but eventually the tick returns. You can see the power profiler when the tick begins here:

As a possibly related side-note, while trying to diagnose the issue I have seen that the `ble_radio_notification_init` event seems to be triggering at inappropriate times. I have attached a GPIO pin to go high/low in relation to the radio's state according to the event this function generates and you can see on the power profiler that the "radio on" event is triggered when data is written to flash. 



  • Hi,

    It is hard to say what could cause this without having a look at your application/project.

    • Are you using a nRF5x DK, or a custom board?
    • Which chip version are you using?
    • Which SDK version are you using?
    • Are you using softdevice/BLE in your application?

    Regarding the Radio Notification event from flash activity, this is mentioned under limitations in the softdevice release notes:


    • SoftDevice
      • If Radio Notifications are enabled, flash write and flash erase operations initiated through the SoftDevice API will be notified to the application as Radio Events (DRGN-5197/FORT-809).

    Best regards,

  • Like I said, there is no way to know what is causing this without looking at your project/code. Could you upload the project? If you do not want to share it in public, I can convert the case to a private one.

    Did you mean SDK 15.3.0? As far as I know, there is no SDK v15.4.

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