Please tell me about the nRF52840 dongle.

I want to use nRF Sniffer for Bluetooth LE with Raspberry Pi 4, is it possible? Wireshark is used for frame capture.

What I did below
① Write sniffer_nrf52840dongle_nrf52840_7cc811f.hex with nRF Connect --Programmer. (Windows 10)
② Download nrf_sniffer_for_bluetooth_le_3.1.0_7cc811f to Raspberry Pi 4.
③ Installation of Pythone3 and installation of pySerial.
④ Install Wireshark Ver2.6.20.
⑤ Extract the necessary files of nRF Sniffer and place them in his PATH of the Wireshark plug-in.

Wireshark does not display nRF Sniffer for Bluetooth LE.