Problems with the j-link debugger on nrf51 dongle


I managed to compile and run(?) my first two programs for nrf51 dongle on Keil uVision, however while i think they run I cannot make the debugger work and see what they do.

The UART outputs is emply, both in the uVision and when I try the Termite terminal. Well on termite I can get some garbage, but no matter what settings I use there I cannot get it to show anything human readable. Then I found the J-link web control panel. And on there is subpage showing log. Most of the log, while the application is running looks like this:

T4DC0 443:948.711 JLINK_IsHalted()
T4DC0 443:949.376 - 0.675ms returns FALSE
T4DC0 444:050.450 JLINK_HasError()
T4DC0 444:050.530 JLINK_IsHalted()
T4DC0 444:051.235 - 0.796ms returns FALSE
T4DC0 444:152.242 JLINK_HasError()
T4DC0 444:152.319 JLINK_IsHalted()
T4DC0 444:153.129 - 0.849ms returns FALSE
T4DC0 444:253.916 JLINK_HasError()
T4DC0 444:254.008 JLINK_IsHalted()
T4DC0 444:254.879 - 0.910ms returns FALSE
T4DC0 444:355.449 JLINK_HasError()
T4DC0 444:355.820 JLINK_IsHalted()

How can I fix this? Thanks
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