Bluetooth Low Energy Screen goes completely white when attempting to bond BLE device (v2.5.0)


  • nRF Connect v3.6.1
  • Device used: nRF 52DK
  • BLE device used: Garmin Vivosmart 4
  • Bluetooth Low Energy v2.5.0


After opening the Bluetooth Low Energy App within nRF Connect, selecting my device (nRF52DK), I begin scanning for LE devices near me. I then connect to the Garmin Vivosmart 4 device without issue. I then click the gear icon to open the connection settings to attempt to bond the nRF52DK with the Vivosmart device. However, upon clicking the checkbox to indicate my wanting to bond the two devices, the entire screen becomes white and unusable.

Additionally, after this occurrence, the nRF52DK becomes unopenable, always resulting in the message below. Turning the nRF52DK off for 30 seconds and back on prevents the message below from appearing again, but the white screen issue upon selecting the "bonding option is always present.

Received status with code 0 PKT_SEND_MAX_RETRIES_REACHED, message: 'No response from device. Tried to send packet 6 times.'