DFU buttonless nRF52832 SD7.2.0 SDK 17.0.2 - Entering DFU Mode

Hi All,

Hardware: Custom Board (Buttonless)

SDK : 17.0.2

SD: 7.2.0

Support required: DFU Buttonless

We are able to successfully load and run the DFU buttonless application by following the blog https://github.com/gamnes/nRF52832-buttonless-dfu-development-tutorial and made required changes for SDK 17.0.2.

We are able to see the device the nordic_buttonless in the nrfConnect app in the mobile and able to flash ble_app_hrs application. After reset, we observe 'Nordic_HRM' in the nrfConnect app and able to connect it.

I'm confused here about how to enter the DFU mode again, If I need to flash another image. Everytime i reset the board, I see ble_app_hrs running, but unable to enter DFU mode.

Any pointers or support would be helpful.


  • Hi Imtiaz, 

    The ble_app_hrs doesn't have buttonless service that's implemented in the ble_app_buttonless example. This explains why you couldn't enter DFU mode again (unless you press and hold Button 1 when resetting).

    Please refer to the code of ble_app_buttonless and add the same service into your application so that it support switching to DFU mode via BLE. I explained a little bit about buttonless DFU in this blog.