nRF Connect mobile app doesn't show Advertising (nrfxlib)


I have problems with  bt_shell sample from sdk-zephyr, when I use SoftDevice bluetooth stack(nrfxlib).

When I switch on CONFIG_BT_EXT_ADV option in menuconfig, nRF Connect (mobile app) doesn't find the corresponding Advertiser, even if I use legacy advertising. But other my dongles recognise advertisings and can work .

When I change bluetooth stack to Zephyr Os (switch  to CONFIG_BT_LL_SW_SPLIT) in this sample I always can find my dongle(with switched on CONFIG_BT_EXT_ADV or not - it doesn't matter). I can see it with legacy advertising and when switch to extended. Everything works fine .

After these cases  I tried peripheral_hr_coded (that use ext.adv. by default) and beacon(with switched on CONFIG_BT_EXT_ADV). The same results.

What's a problem with CONFIG_BT_EXT_ADV when I use SoftDevice stack?

What should I do to recognize extended advertisings on my phone from devices with SoftDevice stack??

  • Are you able to provide a sniffer log with and without CONFIG_BT_EXT_ADV? With both zephyr controller and softdevice controller? In total 4 logs.

    You write, "But other my dongles recognise advertisings and can work", what does this actually mean?  Does it mean that it's observable with nRF Connect for Desktop for instance?

    What phone(s) have you tested?

    Which nRF device and which ncs release are you testing with?


  • Thanks for replying Kenneth!

    I'm sorry. I wrote to few information about my experiments:

    • My phone: Xiaomi Mi 9.
    • My dongles: Nordic nRF52840 Dongle.
    • ncs version: v1.5-branch(with corresponding submodules).

    I run on my dongles "zephyr/samples/subsys/shell/shell_module" example with enabled bluetooth shell and extended advertising.
    I always can see extended and legacy advertisings from the dongle(configured as Peripheral) in the Central dongle console. And I can connect to it.

    A bit alter I'm going to use sniffer log and share results.

  • Looks like our nRF sniffer tool can't support extended advertisement at the moment, so I don't think that will help.

    Though the team have found an issue with extended advertisement that may explain your problems, I will let you know when this have been fixed.

  • Sorry for my delayed answer.
    There are wireshark logs for
    zephyr/samples/bluetooth/beacon code sample without CONFIG_BT_EXT_ADV(Legacy Adv) and with(LegacyAdv_CONFIG_BT_EXT_ADV).