nRF5340 SPI example code


could you provide me an example codes for SPI (serial peripheral communication), SPIM(serial peripheral communication master) and SPIS(serial peripheral communication slave) for nRF5340 SoC.

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  • Hi,

    SRINI said:

    we have two ports for nRF5340 which port 0 and port 1.

    In SPI master code , where port is defined in the code.

    Do you mean GPIO port 0 and port 1?

     Which SPI master code are you using now? The nrfx_spim example, or the one using the native Zephyr SPI API?

    SRINI said:

    NRFX_PRS_ENABLED macro is disabled in nrfx_spim.c file.
    I am getting below error, if I enable this macro using nrfx_config_nrf5340_application.h file.

    undefined reference to `nrfx_prs_acquire'

    May I know why it is disabled in nrf connect SDK and I didn't face this issue when Iam work with nRF5 SDK for nrf52832

    You can enable PRS in NCS by adding the Kconfig CONFIG_NRFX_PRS=y to your prj.conf file (or an overlay file).

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