sometimes PWM signal is reversed .

Hi Nordics!

I am using app_pwm.c file in SDK 8.1, and when I use it with softdevice(advertising or data transfer event), sometimes pwm signal is reversed.

I guess, reversed signal's reason is the BLE interrupt. Because this problem is not occurred, when I don't use softdevice ( advertising or data transfer event)

And I need your advice for overcome this problem.

These are my development environment.

SDK 8.1

SD 8.0

nRF51822 AA G0

custom board

Timer1- 2channels

Timer2-1 channel.

3 PWM channels - Red led, Green led, Blue led.

first, I used app_pwm library. (100Hz )

/* */

static void pwm_init(void)


    ret_code_t err_code;
    /* 2-channel PWM, 100Hz, output on LED pins. */
    app_pwm_config_t pwm1_cfg = APP_PWM_DEFAULT_CONFIG_2CH(10000L, GPIO_LED_RED, GPIO_LED_GREEN);
    app_pwm_config_t pwm2_cfg = APP_PWM_DEFAULT_CONFIG_1CH(10000L, GPIO_LED_BLUE);
    /* Set the polarity of the channel. */
    pwm1_cfg.pin_polarity[0] = APP_PWM_POLARITY_ACTIVE_HIGH;
    pwm1_cfg.pin_polarity[1] = APP_PWM_POLARITY_ACTIVE_HIGH;
    pwm2_cfg.pin_polarity[0] = APP_PWM_POLARITY_ACTIVE_HIGH;
    /* Initialize and enable PWM. */
    err_code = app_pwm_init(&PWM1,&pwm1_cfg,pwm_1_ready_callback);
    err_code = app_pwm_init(&PWM2,&pwm2_cfg,pwm_2_ready_callback);

void pwm_1_ready_callback(uint32_t pwm_id)   

    pwm_1_ready_flag = true;

void pwm_2_ready_callback(uint32_t pwm_id)   
    pwm_2_ready_flag = true;

second, I set the pwm chanel duty by using below code. 

(in this function, I didn't wait callback. I just keep trying until PWM is ready)

static void color_setting(uint8_t red, uint8_t green, uint8_t blue)
    pwm_1_ready_flag = false;
    pwm_2_ready_flag = false;
    /* Set the duty cycle - keep trying until PWM is ready... */    
    while (app_pwm_channel_duty_set(&PWM1, 0, (uint32_t)(sin_table[color_red]/2.55)) == NRF_ERROR_BUSY);
    while (app_pwm_channel_duty_set(&PWM1, 1, (uint32_t)(sin_table[color_green]/2.55)) == NRF_ERROR_BUSY);
    while (app_pwm_channel_duty_set(&PWM2, 0, (uint32_t)(sin_table[color_blue]/2.55)) == NRF_ERROR_BUSY);

    /* ... or wait for callback. */
   //    while(!pwm_1_ready_flag);


sin_table's value is from 0 to 255. so I divided it by 2.55

And this color_setting function is called in app_timer call_back function.

my app timer's interval is 40ms.

In other words, PWM values is changed in every 40ms, and it repeat 0~100 value.

This "PWM signal reversed" issue is not appeared, when I don't use softDevice.

Is there any idea for avoiding this problem??

This problem is critical issue on my project.

Please help me.