Example code AIN0 input Value for nRF5340DK

I'm developing the nRF5340DK, would like to use the P0.04 (AIN0) pin to get the NTC thermistor value. but bind the device is fail.

the parts of the "source code".

/*ADC definitions and includes*/
#include <hal/nrf_saadc.h>
#include <drivers/adc.h>

struct device *adc_dev;

#define ADC_DEVICE_NAME DT_LABEL(DT_INST(0, nordic_nrf_saadc))

adc_dev = device_get_binding(ADC_DEVICE_NAME);
if (!adc_dev) {
printk("device_get_binding ADC_0 (=%s) failed\n", ADC_DEVICE_NAME);


the "prj.conf" add.


the log :

device_get_binding ADC_0 (=ADC_0) failed

have any simple way to read the value of AlN0 value.